Rose Padrick is a Brevard County author and freelance writer born in New York City and raised on Florida's Space Coast. Her experiences as a mother and a grandmother served as an inspiration for her column, 'Rose's Room' in Florida Today and has also been featured in Woman's World Magazine, RV Life, Pet Gazette and many other popular publications as well.

Florida Today

Voted as one of two most popular columns in 3 years of publication.

Woman's World

November 13th, 2007 Issue

Pet Gazette

Sparky's Adventures monthly chapters

RV Life

Camping with Toddlers-July 1, 2015


How it all started...

Born in inner city New York I moved at an early age to Florida, landing in Angel City, a small tight-knit community in Merritt Island.

Although I had not yet started school I enjoyed telling my new friends about the rides and funhouses of Coney Island, and what I couldn't remember I made up. So began my lifetime love of storytelling.

A childhood of having one foot in the big city and one running free in pre-air-conditioned Florida alsoKids playing affords me a unique perspective I use in my short stories such as Ties That Bind, and an upcoming autobiography.
My husband of 49 years and I still make our home very close to the neighboorhood where we were raised and would raise our five children. Shaving time from my 40 hour a week job and busy weekends to write isn't easy, but my love of story telling keeps me at the computer till the wee hours.
Rewarding myself with a 'Grammy fix'- grabbing a hug or a walk on the beach with one or more of my 19 grandchildren – keeps me in stories…and in smiles.

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Articles & Columns

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Home Town News- Forever Magazine
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Grandparent’s Magazine – Article on how to handle adult children and their families moving back home.
Woman’s World Magazine – Two articles on ordinary people overcoming adversity.
Literary Liftoff - Official Magazine of the Space Coast Writers Guild –
Senior Life -
Naples Daily News - Rose's Room
The Best Of Times -  
Camping Today -
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GRANDS Magazine - Baby Sitting "Rules" for Sassy Grands, Dueling Grandmas: Staring Down "The Other One"
RV Life - Camping with Toddlers
Pet Gazette - Sparky’s Adventures


The Art Of Grandparenting -
How To Make The Holidays Stress Free…Almost! -
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